Marika is becoming one of the most recognizable Kiev female djs, and is making a considerable impact in the process.

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    Fresh Cut 092

    01Darkko - Fancy Ride (Original Mix) [Progrezo Records]
    02 Bellow Kasper is OK - Bad Day (Klinika Nightmare Remix) [Semantica Recordings]
    03Tom Laws - Hyms For Limbs (Bodyscrub Remix) [Akoom Records]
    04Justin Berkovi - Zero Zero Two (Original Mix) [Slap Jaxx]
    05Chris David - Viejo (Original Mix) [Coraza Recordings]
    06Angel Costa - MMK (Original Mix) [MicroFon]
    07AnGy KoRe - Hi (Gymmy J Remix) [Different Is Better]
    08Gitech - Smart (Feyser Remix) [Misdeed Records]
    09Juan Kue David Padilla Uron - Red Frogs (Original Mix) [Deletech Records]
    10Lampenfieber Monica Dias - Pinniwand (Original Mix) [Blending Revival Records]
    11Lefo X - Celebrate The End (Vanishs End Of Days Remix) [Velcro City Records]
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