Marika is becoming one of the most recognizable Kiev female djs, and is making a considerable impact in the process.

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    Fresh Cut 084

    01Sawf - Zelo (Original Mix) [Perc Trax]
    02G R Owen - Lost (The Noisemaker Remix) [Globox]
    03Frank Sonic Mike Maass - House Soldier (Alejandro Trebors Soldier On Front Line Remix) [Trapez]
    04Hans Bouffmyhre - Time Zones (Original Mix) [Perc Trax]
    05Valerio Panizio - Bomben Und Granaten (Original Mix) [Criminal Zone Records]
    06Frankyeffe - Reset (Original Mix) [Ready 2 Rock]
    07Tony Rohr - Eden Acid (The Advent Industrialyzer Remix) [HProductions]
    08Gymmy J - Scarlet Carson (Subfractal Remix) [Italo Business]
    09Tom Laws - Fragmanta (DAVE The Drummer Remix) [Phobiq]
    10Andres Gil - Fire For Her (MicRoCheep Mollo Remix) [Refluxed Records]
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