Marika is becoming one of the most recognizable Kiev female djs, and is making a considerable impact in the process.

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    Fresh Cut 109

    01Diarmaid O Meara - Is It Raw (Orginal) [ReWashed LDT]
    02Mark Rogan - Gamma Ray (Original Mix) [Naked Lunch]
    03Michel Lauriola - Pouding Beats (Original Mix) [43recordings]
    04Exor Goticz, Dolgener - Death Agony (Dolgener Remix) [Teggno Records]
    05Tom Gotti - Sustained Operation (Original Mix) [Black Pearl Music]
    06Gabeen, Mike Maass - Rising Wind (Original Mix) [Hybrid Confusion]
    07Twist3d - The 1st Acension (Original Mix) [Dancing Moon]
    08Torsten Kanzler, A.Paul - Tick (A.Paul Remix) [Kiddaz.FM]
    09Loso - Hysteria (Original Mix) [Rawhard Audio Records]
    10Alex Opteck - Slowing Down (Original Mix) [DSR Digital]
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