Marika is becoming one of the most recognizable Kiev female djs, and is making a considerable impact in the process.

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    Fresh Cut 091

    01Puncher - Oscillation (Plan-E Remix) [Groovesignal Records]
    02Andy Mart - Tools (Original Mix) [Clairvoyance Noire]
    03Tomcraft - Zounds of Arca (Phunk Investigation Remix) [Great Stuff Records]
    04Dualitik - Kubico (Original Mix) [Free-Spirit Records]
    05Paul Funkee, Slackers project, Pirania - Drug Store (Original Mix) [CTS]
    06Solid Snake - DFWH (Original Mix) [Craft Music]
    07Balthazar & JackRock - Carpe Diem (Matt Minimal Remix) [M-Vitamine Recordings]
    08Andrey Tristen - "ABC" (Puncher Remix) [Leap4rog Music]
    09Elyptik, Trevors - The Red Eyes (Original Mix) [Yuko Record]
    10Christian Cambas_Spektre - Rebel Without A Cause (Original Mix) [Incorrect Music]
    11Darin Epsilon & Tom Sela - Metamorph (Luis Junior Remix) [Mesmeric]
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